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Senior Designer (Quantitative Research)

La Victoria Lab is a multidisciplinary group of creatives who use human-centered innovation to improve the lives of Peruvian families and reimagine the present and future of Intercorp.

We work in industries as diverse as financial services, retail, education and healthcare, focusing on bringing ideas to life through research, learning; being the obsession with understanding the needs of our users the main vehicle to serve Peruvian families.

Your role as a Senior Designer (Quantitative Research)

As a Senior Designer, you will be in charge of transforming the way in which our organizations deliver value to their users through new products, services or experiences around them. One of the most important aspects of your role will be to combine your creative and analytical sides to deliver innovation strategies that push the boundaries of the organization, but are firmly grounded in evidence.

Your role also involves analyzing and connecting data to find patterns or correlations between them, as well as understanding patterns at the societal level and understanding changes that affect multiple levers and how they impact group companies.


You think systemically and strategically: You are capable of thinking holistically, managing to integrate various actors and points of view at the service of an objective.

You enjoy working with data and integrate it into your decision processes: You actively search for sources of information, you are able to use different statistical tools to process various types of data and turn it into evidence or predictor of behaviors/trends.

You use data as a communication tool: You know how to create powerful narratives that adapt and connect with the user, especially those that use data to raise the importance of your messages.

You love to experiment: You enjoy trying new ideas and bring new opportunities to explore. You seek to combine quantitative data and qualitative feedback to build evidence-based solutions..

You want to learn and are open to change: You always ask yourself the why of things and you face new challenges with curiosity. You know how to navigate ambiguity and take the risks necessary to move forward. You excel when you step out of your comfort zone and value feedback as a growth tool.

You want to learn and you are open to change: You always ask yourself the why of things and you face new challenges with curiosity and openness. You know how to navigate ambiguity and take the risks necessary to move forward. You excel when you step out of your comfort zone and value feedback as a growth tool.

You lift others up with empathy: You enjoy working as a team and seeing others succeed.


  • Deeply understand the interests and needs of Peruvian families through user-centered research (Design Research) with a quantitative approach.
  • Use the data to find correlations with past, present, and future trends and, based on that, make proposals.
  • Design products and services from their conception to their proof of concept, using multiple design tools to ensure their desirability, viability and feasibility. Including the design of prototypes for progressive validation of ideas/value/risk.
  • Build narratives that allow different audiences to connect with the messages and solutions that we propose. You will navigate different communication vehicles to achieve this goal: storyboards, strategic presentations, installations, videos, etc.
  • Keep our stakeholders involved in the creative process, facilitating co-creation spaces and ensuring that solutions always have a ground wire.


  • You have 3+ years of professional experience in research and/or data analysis. It is highly valued if you have also worked on design projects.
  • You have a wide range of knowledge and tools for quantitative research and statistical analysis. Including the management of computer tools for data analysis (eg R, SPSS, Tableau, Minitab)
  • Desirable if you have a background in Social Sciences, Humanities or Statistics, either by formal training (university, master's degree, etc.) or by direct experience in projects.
  • You feel comfortable exploiting and analyzing data, generating relevant insights and conclusions for projects.
  • You use the data and build on the insights to develop impactful solutions or proposals.
  • You manage to positively influence teams and enjoy listening and converging ideas with them.
  • You have a fluent level of English.


  • A mission oriented organization. Intercorp is intensely focused on a single ambitious dream: creating the next generation of modern services for Peru's middle-class families.
  • A tangible impact. While most innovation consultants struggle to see a fraction of their work make it to market, we're grateful to see nearly all of our designs used by real people, for one reason only: innovation at Intercorp is heavily sponsored by our stakeholders.
  • A learning springboard. Our teams work across a wide range of industries – probably our greatest asset for continuous learning – but we also learn at conferences and inspirational trips around the world, as well as from partners like IDEO.
  • A culture of autonomy. We cultivate a virtuous circle of trust and autonomy, which begins with our rigorous selection process.
  • Sense of community. We work with people with a big heart.